Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jesus and the Trash Guy

Monday morning is a big deal at our house.

You see, the trash guys come on Monday mornings, and their coming is a much-anticipated, looked forward to event for our son, who is now three.
He knows that Monday means "Trash Guys".

And I make sure he is awake and aware that they are coming.
"Nate! The Trash Guys are coming!" "Come watch out the window!"

We listen for the truck when it's in our neighborhood, and I watch to see when the truck has finally come around the corner and we have just two houses to be at our front window.
One morning not long ago, Nate and I were still upstairs when I heard the truck round the corner. I came tearing down the stairs, calling to him to come down QUICK so he didn't miss them. (Missing them would mean the end to a happy morning...that only had to happen once!)
And as I hauled myself down faster than I was used to, I wondered why we made such a big deal about this....sure, for the enjoyment of our boy, who we love. But really ~ what else (or who else) would we made such a big deal for?
Grandma? maybe....yes, we kind of do.....
What about Jesus?
Would we make sure we were up, would we be watching, listening, WAITING for Him, knowing he was coming, even if we were never sure exactly when?
Would we come tearing down the stairs for Him?
I know that by doing the little things regularly ~ things like family prayer, scriptures, FHE, attending our meetings and fufilling our callings ~ we are showing Him that we're ready.
Or getting there.
But are we as EXCITED about these things as we are when the Trash Guys round the corner?
Sometimes people giggle during prayers (the littlest ones wandering away even...). Sometimes we're lucky to make it through two verses in our scriptures. Sometimes FHE lessons are three minutes long.
Sometimes we get these things done (at least initially) more out of obligation
than elation for the opportunity..
I know someday He will come. And I know I want to be ready and to have helped prepare all the people I live with.
Joyfully living the Gospel starts with me.

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Christa said...

I read your post on MMB and strolled right on over here.
I really am enjoying reading your posts.
My husband and I are trying to better our family, and do the things that we know teach the gospel. It's so easy to make excuses, to put off the things that prepare us for the day He comes again... but they are far to important to put off any longer.