Sunday, April 4, 2010

I Know Why I Love Sheri Dew (finally!!)

I have long been a HUGE Sheri Dew fan. From the first time I heard her speak as a member of the General Relief Society Presidency, I was a fan. Eventually I proclaimed myself the President of her unofficial fan club. These days it means I am a fan on Facebook.

I was sick recently, which gave me more time than I usually have to lay in bed and read (while Mr. Wonderful took care of the rest of the house ~ thank you darling!).

On one of my brief trips to the kitchen for water, I grabbed my copy of "If Life Were Easy, It Wouldn't Be Hard" and read it that afternoon.

Sometimes I struggle watching friends, dear dear women, who lament over the fact that they have not yet married or had children ~ the dream of their childhood and the goal they expected to have attained by this point in their lives.

For me, marriage came young and children came quickly and are now five deep. While they struggle with the lack of these things, sometimes I feel my biggest struggles are because of these things.

And so I try not to complain really, because I know that it is within our greatest struggles that our greatest triumphs and victories are to be found. I know that is also true for my single friends.

Of course we know that Sister Dew is single. I've heard her speak enough on the topic to know her story pretty well. Being over 50 and single is definitely not something she planned on as a young woman.

Having met Sister Dew on a couple of occasions, I tried to plan out my compliment before I got in front of her and risked completely falling all over myself. I knew that her words resonated with me, and felt like those sounded like an intelligent combination of syllables. But I never really thought that captured exactly what it was that made me love her so much.

But now I know.

In all of her talks that I've heard and read, in all of her books and CD's I've listened to (and I have them all), I have learned more about motherhood and it's importance from Sister Dew than from vitually any other earthly source. And I find myself going back to her for reinforcements sometimes when I might need that little push or extra encouragement. And I am never disappointed.

Hearing that she was going to be released from the General RS Presidency was the first and only time I hesitated in raising my arm to the square. I had no desire to let her go ~ as if my lack of vote from my livingroom would change anything!

Sister Dew's words have helped me discover and remember who I am, who I have always been (that's a great talk, if you're looking for one), why I am here, and helped me learn how to discover what my mission here is and how best to fufill it.

I'm so grateful for the path and life Sister Dew has been caused to take, though I know her heart has ached and broken because of it. I do not rejoice in her pain, only in the initiative she has taken in the face of her adversity. I know I and surely many, many others are benefitted by it.

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