Monday, April 16, 2012

Lessons From the Garden, Part 1

It's Springtime and that means the yardwork has started. We are in our second spring in this home, and learned last year just what having half an acre means. Work with a capital "woah!".

Saturday my Mr. spent the day getting the garden plot ready and the kids and I pulled things and moved things and clipped things. My muscles are feeling the workout this morning!

The rosebushes got a good clipping and as I picked up the branches to get them to the pile in the corner of the yard, the amount of thorns was at first a little intimidating. Usually I might try to find a flat spot to fit my fingers in so I didn't get poked. These branches had no such flat spots. They were literally thorns from top to bottom.

So I didn't have much of a choice but to carefully pick them up and hold them gently as I walked. As I did though a thought occurred to me: that these thorny branches are a lot like some of the people we meet in life sometimes. And in order to help them or even introduce them to the gospel, we have to be gentle with them. Even in all of our gentleness, we still might get poked some (as I did on Saturday). But grabbing them and trying to move too fast or force them in anyway won't get us anywhere but to the medicine cabinet to treat our wounds.

It is possible to do good things for people who are hard to do good things for. We just have to be gentle, walk slowly, and not squeeze too tightly.


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