Thursday, April 28, 2016

Talk To Yourself

The second great commandment tells us to love our neighbors as ourselves. In other words, treat those around you the way you treat yourself.

I can’t imagine we’d ever actually treat our friends and neighbors the way we sometimes treat ourselves. Think of the things we allow ourselves to tell us:

“Ugh. Those pants don’t fit like they used to, do they?”

“Why can’t you keep up?”

“I bet if you walked out the door right now it would be days before anyone noticed you were gone or needed you for anything.”

And on. And on.

Can you really ever imagine speaking that way to someone else?

With a hurtful personal internal dialogue, no wonder it feels good to say and do nice things to and for others. It’s a break from all the negativity we have going on between our ears!

But oh how much better – how much more good we might accomplish – if the love we give comes as an extension of the love we have for ourselves. How much more good we can do when the light in our eyes and love in our hearts pours out of us in confidence!

Start now to change the tone of the voice that is negative and hateful inside of you.

Speak to yourself the way the Savior would.

Is it possible He would point out an area where we need to improve? Of course! But can you even imagine him using words that were derogatory, belittling or full of disdain?

Not ever.

The Savior tells us, “you can do better and I can help you”.

It will take focus and conscious effort to battle the voice we’ve allowed to tell us terrible things for so long.

But we can do it.

What will you tell yourself in love today?


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