Friday, April 24, 2009

Had You Thought of This Like This Before?

I have in my van John Bytheways' book, "When Times Are Tough: 5 Scriptures That Will Get You Through Almost Anything". In it he outlines four sets of five scriptures that will help us improve our marriage, our family relationships, our faith, will motivate us to action and a set that will 'get you through almost anything'. It's been a great read.

In the set that are aimed at strengthening faith, Brother Bytheway relates a thought from Jeffrey R. Holland who counsels that the scripture that admonishes us to "not let our hearts be troubled..." (John 14:27) is a commandment.

Elder Holland says, "I submit to you, that [John 14:27] may be one of the Savior's commandments that is, even in the hearts of otherwise faithful Latter-day Saints, almost universally disobeyed; and yet I wonder whether our resistance to this invitation could be any more grievous to the Lord's merciful heart. I can tell you this as a parent: as concerned as I would be if somewhere in their lives one of my chidlren were seriously troubled or unhappy or disobedient, nevertheless I would be infinitely more devastated if I felt that at such a time that child could not trust me to help or thought his or her interest was unimportant to me or unsafe in my care. In that same spirit, I am convinced that none of us can appreciate how deeply it wounds the loving heart of the Savior of the world when He find that His people do not feel confident in His care or secure in His hands or trust in His commandments."
Brother Bytheway hadn't thought of this this way before. Neither had I. Had you?
But as I read it and thought about Elder Holland's comparison as a parent, I know he's right. I would feel the same as he said he would. And so as I relate that to my relationship with my Heavenly Father, I am inclined to increase my communication with Him that I might enlist His aid more in my life.
It's so easy to shy away from laying out our issues before the Lord, because we're embarrassed at what He might think of us when He has to deal with our shortcomings and imperfections and less-than's. (hint: he already knows!!)
It's also so easy to think that our troubles are too small, that we should reserve our time with Him for the big stuff, the really important stuff, like safety and health and making sure our boy has a desire to serve a mission or our girl will marry in the Temple.
But in all of my doing all of the above, I NEVER thought I was being hurtful. I actually thought I was sparing the Lord from having to deal with me. Of course that's not what He wants from any of us.
Thank goodness for the Perfect Patience of our understanding Heavenly Father. Thank goodness He is willing to let us go through the process of life, and learn and add ability little by little.
I have a desire to know my Father in Heaven, and for Him to know me. I want Him to be able to trust me as an instrument in His hands, and am learning that, by my actions, I can put my full trust in Him and never be disappointed.
How grateful I am to know that God loves us, that He cares about the big things and the little things in our lives.

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