Sunday, April 5, 2009

Precisely the Point of EVERYTHING

Some months ago, while I was pregnant with Emily, I was in the most common position and place of the day ~ horizontal on my bed, with pillows tucked in all the right places. I was not asleep, but neither was I awake. It was that place in my mind where great thoughts take place sometimes. It is a place, I believe, where revelation comes more easily.

The question, "what is the purpose to life?" popped into my mind... it was something I'd thought consciously about not long before, and here was the question again.

This time though the answer came very clearly: TO SERVE.

Quickly my mind raced through analyzing if this was really the right answer: Education? yes. Job? yes. Calling at church? yes. Exercising and eating right? yes, because being healthy means you can do more for others. Marriage? of course. Parenthood? absolutely.

So the question that so many seem to trip on, seem to wonder about, has a simple answer: The purpose to life is to serve.

The End.

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